The Blood Red Roses events for 2018 will be held at our usual site near Exeter, in Ashclyst Forest: Caddihoe Scout Camp, EX5 3DU

All events run from the Friday evening until the Sunday afternoon. You can arrive on site any time after 4 pm on the Friday and must be off site by 3 pm on the Sunday.

Event Costs

  • £60 per player space
  • £10 discount for 1st time players
  • Free to crew

To play: Ensure you contact us to book a space from 8pm on February the 6th

Payment should be made by cheque, cash or PayPal to Geoff Lewis prior to the event.

PayPal account:

Events for 2018

1st Event “Hospitality”

From Friday 20th April 2018 until Sunday 22nd of April 2018

On the lands of Sir Eddington the war in the east is brought home to the Hospice of St Cullen where the crippled and the dying are brought to spend their last days. The men and women of the cenobium ally themselves with the Worshipful Guild of Healers & Apothecaries in an attempt to bring some respite to those under their care, but the new science of Churgery pushes the bounds of medical knowledge, much to the chagrin of the church.

Recent donations from wealthy benefactors have seen fresh bedding, new equipment, and replenished medicinal supplies now being utilised by those under its care. With the Three Lords focused on each other, local opportunists and criminals lie in the dark awaiting the time to strike.

 2nd Event 

Friday 6th July 2018 until Sunday 8th of July 2018

more details to come closer to the event…

 3rd Event 

Friday 12th October 2018 until Sunday 14th of October 2018

more details to come closer to the event…

Dates for 2019:

yet to be announced…

Please remember that if you want to make any changes to your character, you need to submit these to the Ref Team before the event.

Spread the word – let your friends know about Blood Red Roses. We’re always happy to talk to people interested in taking part.