Whether you’re coming to Blood Red Roses as crew or a player, you’ll need some basic kit:


Sleeping bag and a tent.
Practical, water-proof footwear, if possible “olde-worlde looking”.
Food for Friday evening and lunch for Saturday and Sunday.
Your own “olde-worlde looking” cup, plate, cutlery and drinking vessel – a modern day equivalent is better than none as there are limited spares.
Anything you want to drink. We supply plenty of water, but you can drink alcohol after play on Friday and Saturday evening – however you need to bring this yourself.
Look at the weather and predicted temperature. Remember to pack clothes appropriate to the conditions and if in doubt ask us for advice.
Players – In addition to the above, you will of course need to bring your period outfit and any other kit for your character.

Crew Kit

While crew are free to dip into Blood Red Roses’ large store of costumes, it’s helpful if crew can bring a simple period-looking outfit if they have one – basic trousers and a shirt which can pass for “olde-worlde” can be adapted for most situations. If you’re unsure whether an item is appropriate, ask yourself : ‘Would I pass in the background of a period film without people pulling it up as a blooper?’

Charity shops can be a great source of suitable clothes. Look for neutral coloured, natural fibre clothes. Avoid collars, denim, zips, etc. Wooden buttons can be easily found in most haberdasheries to replace plastic ones.

Kit Rental

We have some kit available for people to borrow over the course of a weekend. While we need a lot of this for our crew, players can borrow items if they need to. Please speak to a Ref to arrange this. A flat fee of £5 will be charged to cover maintenance costs. Do bear in mind that this isn’t always possible, so don’t rely on being able to borrow what you need.